A hub for borrowers, helping reduce barriers to a wide range of items for people in our community.

We are a volunteer-powered library filled with tools, kitchen gadgets, board games, camping accessories and more! By pooling together and organizing our community resources, we can improve access for all without the need for more consumption.


We are passionate about being handy and supportive in fun, creative, accessible ways.

Chelsea Breher (she/her)

Board Member, Saturday Librarian, Volunteer Coordinator

Natasha Baldry (she/her)

Library Coordinator, Board Member

Meg Dorwart (she/her)


Minh Chau (he/him)

Inventory Coordinator, Saturday Librarian

Amanda Brown (she/her)

Saturday Librarian

Sidney Kolbach (he/they)

Saturday Librarian

Kassidy MacIntyre (she/her)

Social Media Coordinator

J. Pidgeon

Board Member, Grant Writer, Saturday Librarian

Lauren Dauvin (she/her)

Saturday Librarian


Building, growing, connecting

Our strategic priorities this year are focused on:

• becoming a trusted community resource for borrowing items
• building partnerships with like-minded community groups that will benefit our membership and the public
• growing our library offerings, acquiring a new space to house our library, and
• diversifying our income.

Annual Reports

  • 2021-22 Report (coming soon!)

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