Together, we have more than enough.

There are so many great reasons to support the Library of Things, from improving accessibility and reducing economic barriers, to addressing sustainability and reducing consumption. By supporting the Library of Things with your donation, you are contributing to a more resilient Saskatoon and helping more people access the things they need to thrive.


Support the Library of Things

We appreciate donations to offset expenses such as insurance, bookkeeping costs, cost of repairing items, and promotional costs. Your support helps us continue to thrive as a community resource!


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The Library of Things exists to reduce barriers in everyday people's lives.

Proven System

With over 2,000 completed loans and over 750 Items in our inventory, we know that this is a model that works.

Useful items

More than 450 items in our catalogue have been borrowed at least once. Our food dehydrators have been borrowed over 100 times!

Community value

We have over 400 members who have borrowed items, who have collectively saved over $134,000 by borrowing items over the past 5 years.